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Quest for a Greenland paddle

Tom Froese, TandJ Paddles
Custom paddle maker in the heart of the Niagara Peninsula

With generations of woodworking in my blood and open water on my mind, I began building kayaks and paddles in the 1990's in St. Catharines, Ontario. An avid paddler and lover of the beauty and simplicity of Greenland style kayaking, I realized a reasonably priced, quality Greenland kayak paddle was not available commercially. 

After building many paddles and exploring various materials I decided to offer other paddlers a high quality, custom-sized product of value.

Beauty meets function

TandJ Paddles creates Greenland style paddles that serve not only as strong, highly functional equipment, but also as works of art.

Every paddle is original and customized to your unique specifications - your own fit, feel and look. Each paddle is entirely carved and sanded by hand. Wood shavings are recycled as garden mulch.

You will not find a "shopping cart" on our website as each paddle begins and ends with a conversation between builder and buyer. Our photo gallery displays an array of different kayak paddles to help you define your own style and to spark your creative instincts.

Whether you order a custom finished work by TandJ Paddles or join us to shape one of your own, we look forward to seeing your original Greenland paddle creation evolve.

 Testimonials and reviews

I'm the proud owner of two TandJ Greenland paddles and couldn't be happier. Both paddles are perfectly shaped , balanced and smooth, plus efficient, light and strong. Feels like my best friend when rolling and  comfortable after hours of paddling. And they're gorgeous! I receive compliments every time I go kayaking. I can't bear to store them in the garage with the rest of my gear.  

REVIEW at Paddling.net
I had my custom Aleut made by Tom at T and J Paddles in Ontario. Pricing was very reasonable and delivery time was shorter than most. That, I assume depends on the seasonal demands. 
My paddle was made to a 90" length request with a 3.5" blade. The wood used is a beautiful western red cedar which is light weight and strong. 
The craftsmanship put into this paddle by Tom is equal to some very high priced paddles. This is a very comfortable, efficient, easy to use paddle that is also a work of art. My recent trip on the Silver River was filled with "What kind of paddle is that?", "It's Beautiful" and "Where did you get it".  

Having seen a number of other traditional paddles, I esp. like the cross section view of the outermost blade ends... shaped aerodynamically like a bird's wing instead of carrying the same thickness through the entire blade. I know this was not accidental but great design on your part. And those Inuits knew a thing or two!

Tom, wow, all my first impressions confirmed with extreme delight what a good decision it was to choose this paddle. The laminated joints are tight, the symmetry sweet. The rectangular loom with the tapering & softly rounded edges feels great even in my small hands. 

Review at Etsy (5 stars)
Greenland and storm paddle and paddle covers:  storm light as a feather (well almost) something that is highly desirable in a paddle, especially on a long trip. Great custom designed (requested) art graphics. A professional when it comes to product, communication and shipping but a friend when it comes to price.

My first paddle was very exciting! My kayak seems to feel more responsive and the paddle works with less effort than what I have been used to. You will be very busy once all my friends try mine and order one for themselves.  The paddle sleeve is a great way to store it, but I would rather lean it up on my living room wall and admire the excellent workmanship and dream of the places it will take me. I do not think I will use a standard "spoon blade"  paddle again. Thank you Tom!  Keep up the good work!  B. Groff

Very light.... definitely in the low/mid 20 oz range. And aesthetically so appealing: the wood tone is mellow & clear, the logo & red stripe just the right amount of decoration. It's very cool that you signed it, yet more evidence of the pride you take in paddle making.

I received my paddle today and couldn't wait to try it out. I am very impressed with the way you were able to take my measurements and tailor my paddle to suit me. The finish is excellent!

wow wowie zowie wheeo holy cow wow wow yeeHaw... ok, enough of that- this is a beautiful paddle and works like it knows what it's doing, and teaches me along with, after introducing me to a whole nuther level of greenlanding. (and I've only paddled with it 3 times!!!! it rolls (with more traction than I'm used to) and hours into a daylong excursion I forget there's a paddle in me hand (ok, maybe a bit much that... but it's comfortable and easy in the hand). kudos kudos and many thanks

Review at Etsy (5 stars)
West Greenland Kayak Paddle - this thing is so beautiful I'm almost afraid to paddle with it! Thanks so much, I really love it and love showing it off.

I received the paddle and I have been meaning to tell you that it is beautiful. I am looking forward to getting out on the water with it. David 
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