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Greenland & Aleutian kayak paddles
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Products and Pricing

Custom crafted Greenland and Aleutian kayak paddles

 Greenland paddle with oil finis  $175
 Greenland paddle with spar varnish finish $175
 Storm paddle with oil finish  $160
 Storm paddle with spar varnish finish  $160
 Aleutian paddle with spar varnish finish  $200
 Two Plus: Greenland paddle + Storm paddle + 2   fleece   paddle covers  $300
 Norsak (rolling stick)  $35
 Add hardwood tips on any Greenland paddle  $10
 Fleece paddle cover with drawstring  $25

Build your own Greenland paddle

Discover your inner craftsperson and experience the
time honoured tradition of crafting your own custom
Greenland paddle.

Guidance, tools and materials are cheerfully provided.    $140

Please allow up to five business days for building of your custom paddle and three to five days for shipping.  We ship anywhere in North America. Prices are in Canadian dollars and do not include shipping or applicable taxes.

I received my paddle today and couldn't wait to try it out. I am very impressed with the way you were able to take my measurements and tailor my paddle to suit me. The finish is excellent!

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